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Corner Mount Floor Control Risers

The Model 8611 Corner Mount RiserPACK is a riser assembly designed for NFPA 13 fire sprinkler systems that require pressure relief. The Model 8611 is specifically designed for installations where the riser can be tucked into a corner.

The Model 8011 includes a flow switch, TESTanDRAIN Model 1011A, Model 7600 3-way Universal Valve, and a M7500 Pressure Gauge.

RiserPACK M8611
M8611 Corner Mount Item ID Orifice Size Size Connection
8655A 2.8K Orifice 2" Groove X Groove
8656A 4.2K Orifice
8657A 5.6K Orifice
8658A 8.0K Orifice
8659A 11.2K (ELO) Orifice
8660A 2.8K Orifice 2 1/2" Groove X Groove
8661A 4.2K Orifice
8662A 5.6K Orifice
8663A 8.0K Orifice
8664A 11.2K (ELO) Orifice
8665A 11.2K (ELO) Orifice
8670A 2.8K Orifice 3" Groove X Groove
8671A 4.2K Orifice
8672A 5.6K Orifice
8673A 8.0K Orifice
8674A 11.2K (ELO) Orifice
8675A 11.2K (ELO) Orifice
8680A 2.8K Orifice 4" Groove X Groove
8681A 4.2K Orifice
8682A 5.6K Orifice
8683A 8.0K Orifice
8684A 11.2K (ELO) Orifice
8685A 11.2K (ELO) Orifice
8686A 11.2K (ELO) Orifice
8690A 2.8K Orifice 6" Groove X Groove
8691A 4.2K Orifice
8692A 5.6K Orifice
8693A 8.0K Orifice
8694A 11.2K (ELO) Orifice
8695A 11.2K (ELO) Orifice
8696A 11.2K (ELO) Orifice